The 10 Strangest American Idioms | Learn English | Natural English

American English speakers have some really really strange Idioms. I’m going to help you understand the strange ones that you will hear us use. I texted my friends and said what is the strangest phrase that you have in your vocabulary, and my friends are all native English speakers from various parts of the United States. They helped me come up with this weird list… and honestly you better know what these phrases mean because Native speakers use them and they are so strange that you won’t be able to guess what they mean!


Make sure to listen to the full list of English Idioms in today’s lesson. I chose the strangest idioms that we actually use in conversation. I hear someone say at least one of these every day! Study English with me in today’s lesson to advance your speaking and listening skills. And there are some bonus American culture lessons in today’s lesson as well.

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