Speak about Happiness in English Conversation | Textbook vs. Natural English | Speak English

Hi friends! Thank you so much for studying English today. Today’s English lesson will teach all about different ways to say happy, BUT you will not use the phrase “I’m very happy”, this lesson will help you use natural phrases that native English speakers will recognize. There is nothing wrong with textbook English, most people start learning English in a classroom, but you are working hard to go beyond this boring type of English.


Watch today’s English lesson to learn the phrases down below, so that you can speak confidently in your next English conversation. Good luck learning English!

“I can’t believe it”


“I’m having the

time of my life”


“Those shoes are

to die for”


“Way to go!”


“you made that

look easy!”





“I cant wait”


“Im counting down


the days”

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