Repeat after me English Speaking | 3 COMMON Reductions | Practice your American English Accent

In today’s lesson, I will give you 3 common English reductions that I use all of the time! It was actually quite difficult for me to pronounce these English phrases without using the reductions. If you enjoy English repeating/imitation lessons you will find these English phrases and American accent practice to be very helpful. Also, this practice will be helpful for your listening, when in conversation with native English speakers! All of the reductions in today’s lesson I noticed that my real-life English students struggle to understand. It all started when my student was using the letter ‘j’ to spell the word “did”. I realized that when you begin learning English these reductions that Americans use to make listening and spelling DIFFICULT! From my experience with my real-life ESL students to listening to Americans speak and noting the most common reductions, I came up with these three reductions in the American accent that will be EXTREMELY helpful for you to study. All of the sentences that you will practice listening to and repeating are real-life natural English sentences, that I can see myself saying in the correct context. Let me know if you want more pronunciation and imitation lessons in the future! This is the first for my channel but the American accent is fun to teach to those learning English abroad. Speaking of… LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU ARE WATCHING THIS VIDEO FROM IN THE COMMENT! I love to hear where my online youtube friends are from, it makes my day to think of you practicing with me from across the world. “Did you” “What was” “Get to”

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