November Short English Lesson Compilation | English with Kayla | Short American English Lessons

Today’s lessons are all short! One minute or less… This is a great way to pick up new American English phrases that I teach on social media. There are English idioms, pronunciation tips, and great vocabulary that I mention in each of the short lessons from today. 


If you love learning tips from me on TikTok, Instagram, and youtube, here is your chance to “soak up” all of the knowledge. 

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0:00 American vs British

Phrases for I don’t know

“Splitting hairs”

Shortened English words

“Pulled it off”

English words pronounced two different ways

“Bring awareness to”

Brand new vs. New

The official language of the United States

Ways to politely disagree in English

Ways to say “I’m sorry” in English

What is a pun?

“Wrap up”

Facts about learning a new language


“Turns out”


French words in the English language

Ways Americans say “yes”

“Off the hook”

Sleep phrasal verbs

“Give up”

Weather vs Whether

“What does that come to?”

Duet, Practice English with me

Ways to say you’re welcome

Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr.

“Break the bank”

“Every trick in the book”

Its vs. it’s

“Stick in there”

“Until the last minute”

“Out the window”

Ways to use the word jam 

“Put off”

“Whip up”

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