Listening Quiz with Dwayne The Rock Johnson Interview and Fitness Vocabulary

Dwayne Johnson is nicknamed “The rock” from when he was a professional wrestler. Now he is one of the most famous movie stars in the United States. He films many movies in Hollywood, including G.I. Joe.

In this interview with the television show “Extra“, Dwayne talks about the physical training that he did to prepare for his role. 

If you want to practice English fitness vocabulary you need to follow @therock on instagram. He is known for his strength, intense workouts and waking up very early in the morning to train. You will feel motivation to workout like him!

This is a short video that will give you great English fitness conversation practice, use the list of fitness vocabulary words to help your comprehension. The two people speaking use many of our vocabulary words to talk about Dwayne’s fitness routine, like diet, cardio, training, and working out. 

Good luck studying our fitness vocabulary and follow me @EnglishWithKayla on instagram and facebook for more vocabulary tips. I would love to get a message from you about how you did on this quiz, and what I can do to help you improve your English. 


Fitness Vocabulary Listening Comprehension Quiz

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English Video Listening Quiz: Dwayne Johnson Shares His Secret to Staying in Shape

Listen to the Dwayne Johnson interview about getting into shape for his movie role. Then answer the questions to check your listening comprehension, and English knowlege.

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What two adjectives would you use to describe Dwayne’s fitness routine?

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How does Dwayne feel about his training?

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What time did Dwayne say he had to wake up in order to workout before filming the G.I Joe movie?

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Which part of Dwayne's morning routine is the second thing that he does?

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What word does the interviewer describe Dwayne’s Instagrams and Tweets about his workouts?

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How many hours does Dwayne usually sleep per night?

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What extra training did Dwayne do to prepare for the G.I. Joe Role?

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