Learn Real American English Advanced Fitness Vocabulary Quiz

Learn real American English vocabulary terms. Americans have a culture around trying to lose weight. We spend lots of money every year on gym memberships trying to do cardio, and eat healthy. 

If you don’t know exactly what that means then study the vocabulary below and take a quiz to test your knowledge. Remember if you are teaching yourself English, you must be your own teacher and quiz yourself. This is a great place to learn English online for free!

Let me know how you do on the quiz, and contact me with any fitness vocabulary questions you have. 

Advanced Fitness English Vocabulary

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Advanced Fitness English Vocabulary

Study the advanced English vocabulary about fitness and working out and then take this English Quiz to test your knowledge. Let me know how you did @englishwithkayla.

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One way to relieve _______ is to workout.

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This slang word refers to the muscles in your arms:

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This word describes what type of workout the woman is doing:

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I have a ______ for chocolate, I want it really bad!

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Pumping ______ is Slang for lifting weights:

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Fitspo = fitness + ___________

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On way to improve your _____ health is to meditate.

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“I’m going to go on a _____.”

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“I want to get ___ shape!”

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Which word is an adjective that means “relating to the body as opposed to the mind”?

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