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Welcome to today’s very entertaining English lesson that will teach you the exact slang that American Native English speakers use in real life. Today’s lesson includes tiktoks with important slang words and phrases. I will help you understand these words better so that you can also use them, and laugh along with me to these tiktoks. 


Let me know in the comments your favorite slang word or phrase from today’s video. Do you watch tiktok? I personally love to scroll through my “for you page” and laugh at all the videos people post on there. I also post my English lessons on the “tok” and get some pretty funny reactions and comments from the English learners on there.


Are there any slang phrases that you have heard about in conversation or on Tiktok? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to teach them in my next English slang lesson. I think popular slang is so fun to teach and learn, when I hear a friend use a new phrase I have never heard before, I love trying to use it in my English vocabulary. 


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Parts of today’s lesson


0:00 Intro

0:28 Extra

1:38 The tea

2:22 Secure the Bag

3:30 Karen

4:49 Finesse

5:59 Goat

6:58 Get that paper

7:32 Flex


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