Most frequent questions and answers

The payment is secured through Paypal, I won’t have access to your information other than your name! 

You will be billed monthly through Paypal, or if you selected debit or credit, you will be billed there. This is a reoccurring charge but you can cancel easily at anytime. 

If you want to cancel for a month, or permanently, and need assistance please email Englishwithkayla@gmail.com and I will be happy to help.

The discord community is much different than private tutoring. This is a chance to speak with me and other motivated English learners in a text chat, and occasionally on a voice chat. 

On voice chat, the times available will be open for up to five people, you can sign up for times that work for you. Times will change each month. 


This is not 1-to-1 private tutoring.

I love discord because you can join the chat at anytime, or you can read to catch up on the chat. No need to be on the server at specific times. 

You can spend hours each week on the server chatting with others or you can check in for a few minutes each day.

I will monitor the chat and offer English corrections. But I will not be on the chat 24/7. My job is to keep the chat fun, motivating and engaging!

You must be able to access discord on your phone or on a computer. Download the discord app.