How to Describe Pay and Salary in English

Lets practice some simple English Sentences to describe salary

Salary is the English word for yearly pay. If you are paid $50,000 a year, that is your salary.

If you make a lot of money you have a high salary. If you don’t make much money for the work you do you have a low salary. 

We use the words low and high to describe Salary. 

If you are in a job interview the manager in charge of asking questions will ask you about your salary expectation.

Let’s look at a practice conversation you may have in a job interview in English.


Manager: What are your salary expectations for the position?

Job candidate: I would expect to make $50,000 a year. Does the position pay any bonuses?

Manager: You will make a up to a 10% bonus based on your performance review. 


Many jobs in America pay more if you have more education and experience. Jobs that require less special skills will pay less. Many jobs like the one in the example conversation above will pay a bonus. A bonus is in addition to your salary. If you perform better, or you meet your managers expectations, or even exceed them, you will make a larger bonus. 


Bonuses are more common in corporate positions and sales positions. Medical jobs and jobs in education will not typically give bonuses.  

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