Study Home Design Vocabulary

Becoming fluent in English requires you to know English vocabulary in many different subjects. I have created English vocabulary for you to study today that is related to designing a home. 

This vocabulary will help you understand different aesthetic aspects of the home in English.

If your job requires knowledge of interior design in English these words are perfect to learn. Or if you plan on working or studying in an English speaking country, you will benefit from learning these vocabulary words as well. 

Study the home design vocabulary below. Take the quiz on this page as well to test your English. 

Remember, if you are learning English on your own it is important not only to read the English but also you must incorporate listening practice as well. And that is why I have also made you listening quizzes that use real life interviews on YouTube for you to watch. I think you will enjoy watching celebrities give tours of their home, and also work on your listening comprehension. 

Home Design Vocabulary Quiz

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Home Design Vocabulary

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Something that is attached to the walls or the house is a _______.

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Which word is a synonym for mansion?

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Which word is considered slang for my house?

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Which place in the home would most likely have the best view?

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Which words are related to feeling at home?

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Which word means the opposite of exterior?

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A room used to sit, and be a common space for everyone who lives in the house and guests. 

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What is this?

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A synonym for detailed is ______.

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What things would you find in a dining area?

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Which words are related to gallery?

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A bachelor means...

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Which word refers to what you can look out at from a tall place?

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