Fast English speaking practice | repeat after me | English conversation with a native speaker

Practice speaking English with me, as your friend today in a “repeat after me” English lesson. Today you are my friend and we are going to have a simple English conversation, but we are going to practice advanced English phrases to help you sound like a natural, native English speaker. 

In this English lesson, I am not going to be speaking like an English teacher, I am going to speak like I am your friend. The goal of this lesson is to practice speaking English quicker. Fast English can sound more natural and can make you feel more confident when speaking. 

If you want to use today’s lesson you can feel free to slow it down or try using listening practice first, the English words and phrases that I am teaching are all on the screen today. OR use the feature to slow the speed. 

Practice today’s English conversation all about getting your favorite coffee with me once, twice, or even three times. Repetition is always beneficial when it comes to speaking a new language. 


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