English Vocabulary Help Podcast: Episode 9: 10 USEFUL Natural American English Phrases

Hi Friends, Welcome to Episode 9 of the English Vocabulary Help Podcast

Thank you so much for studying English with me friend! Today’s episode is all about natural English phrases that you can use to sound like an American. Many of these phrases will be useful to you when speaking English in a workplace or at an English speaking university. Make sure to add these English phrases to your vocabulary and vary the words and phrases that you use. I talk about how to give your English phrases more meaning in today’s lesson. The English phrases and idioms in today’s lesson are:

“over the top”

“flip the script”

“such is life”

“side step”

“to go through the motions”

“sweep you off of your feet”

“easy as pie”

“start fresh”

“hands down”

“call it a day”

To read more about these phrases go to => https://englishwithkayla.com/10-useful-natural-english-phrases-american-english-learn-english-idioms-for-conversation/

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