English Vocabulary Help Podcast Episode 6 Learn Popular American Careers Part Two

Episode 6 Learn Popular American Careers Part Two

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Today’s episode is all about the most popular careers and jobs here in America. I will teach you the different terms for 25 jobs here and tell you about the qualifications, this is the second part of the most popular jobs podcast. If you want to learn more go back to Episode 5. Most careers in America pay higher when they require more education and experience. So a doctor that goes to school and studies medicine for eight years will make much more money than a customer service representative with only a high school degree. Also when jobs in corporations are a “manager” and the person is in charge of several people or more, they will require that you have three or more years of experience. 

Learn about careers, qualifications, education and salaries here in the United States in today’s episode. 


You can find all of today’s words and more English vocabulary to study at https://englishwithkayla.com/learn-english-vocabulary-50-common-american-job-titles/



The words in today’s episode:

26 Speech Language Pathologist

27 Veterinarian


28 Mechanical Engineer

29 Civil Engineer

30 Chemical Engineer

31 Pilot

32 Flight Attendant

33 Lawyer or Attorney

34 Paralegal

35 Judge

36 Security Gaurd

37 Firefighter

38 Paramedic

39 Construction Worker

40 Landscaper

41 Architect

42 Realtor

43 Plumber

44 Handyman

45 Electrician

46 Mechanic

47 Dietician

48 Chef

49 Waiter or Waitress

50 Host or Hostess


Read about today’s lesson here: 


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