English Vocabulary Help Podcast Episode 1: Learn Words for Speaking about Friendship English Vocabulary

Hi Friends, Welcome to the English Vocabulary Help Podcast


In today’s lesson we learn new words and phrases to describe good friends and friendship. There are intermediate and some advanced words in today’s lesson, so make sure to listen carefully. There are a total of 16 English vocabulary words and phrases in today’s episode. 


The English Vocabulary Help Podcast teaches different sets of vocabulary in each episode. In order to become a fluent English speaker, you must build your vocabulary. Practice simple sentences with me teacher Kayla from Englishwithkayla.com to improve your English skills. 


Teacher Kayla is an English teacher in the United States of America and teaches students from everywhere in the world, online. Her passion is to help others learn to speak English confidently. English Vocabulary lessons are important for confident English speakers. You can follow her on instagram @englishwithkayla and on facebook.com/englishwithkayla 


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