English Listening Quiz with Emilia Clarke’s Advice

Emilia Clarke starred in one of the most popular television shows, Game of Thrones. In this popular series she plays the huge role of Daenerys Targaryen, also known as the mother of dragons. She is a very talented actress from London, England and has a British English accent. 

In this interview, she is speaking in the english past tense to give her younger self advice. Listen to the past tense english verbs she uses for practice. She reflects on struggles and mistakes that she made in the past, and reassures herself that she will reach her goals in the future. 

If you enjoy this listening quiz keep following along because I love posting quizzes that involve pop culture, and specifically American pop culture. Game of thrones was a very important and popular show here in America, so if you are studying the English language, you should know about this show. If you are thinking about watching it to study English, make sure you play it with subtitles, it is a very complicated show, with many different accents. 

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