English Listening Quiz with David Beckham and Jimmy Fallon

David Beckham was a great British soccer player, I say soccer, instead of football, because I live in the United States. 

Many ladies find David Beckham attractive, and his wife Victoria Beckham is famous as well for being “posh spice” in the singing group The Spice Girls. 

Jimmy Fallon is a very popular American Talkshow host, watching his video clips on YouTube is a great way to practice listening and imporve your English fluency.

For today’s lesson we will listen to the conversation and take a short quiz, after taking the quiz you will get to see the correct answers. 

Let me know how you do. This is great English listening comprehension practice. If you are taking the IELTS or just wanting to learn to speak like an American. I’m here to answer any questions you have @englishwithkayla on instagram.

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