Do you know the difference between these words that sound alike? | English words you might get wrong

Today I am going to teach you the advanced English words that sound alike but mean two completely different things that you NEED to know to avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes. You might get these English words wrong while writing in English because they sound exactly alike. So let’s learn about these confusing English words, and improve our English writing and speaking. 


In today’s lesson I try to provide real life English examples of how these words are used by Americans. I like to teach natural students to my students here on Youtube and in real life because too many English learners find textbook English to be boring and unhelpful. While today’s words are necessary to know the spelling of, the examples in today’s lesson will help you as well. 

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Parts of today’s lesson


0:00 Intro

Hoard vs Horde

Elicit vs illicit

Weather vs Whether

Poor vs Pour

Stationary vs Stationery

Loose vs Lose

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