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Most frequent questions and answers

You can ask about a specific English phrase, idiom, word, phrasal verb, or grammar concept.

If you want to know if something you said was correct or incorrect, I will help with that too.

I can also help give you suggestions for English speaking podcasts, television shows, Youtube videos or whatever you need.

Check out my past Q & A lessons here for some examples.

I will send you a dropbox link. You can view the video with the dropbox link or you can download the video. Check the email you shared with me,

Yes you can share my video on social media, or with your friends, please just tag me or give me credit as @englishwithkayla or

I love answering English questions from learners and sharing them online. If I record a video for you I reserve the right to share it on my own tiktok or instagram, or other social media. I won’t share your private information or say who asked the question! (unless you ask me too)

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your custom lesson. Please email me if you don’t find the video helpful, I will either send you a new lesson for free or refund you.