Become a fluent English speaker in 2021 | The Best ways to Study English on Your own

2021 is the year that you will become a fluent English speaker. I am going to teach you 5 NEW English studying methods, that you will not find in an English textbook. The methods that I teach will help you become a better Natural English speaker! These are not the plain old boring methods that other teachers tell you to do on Youtube, like watching an English movie or TV show, BORING! You may have already been trying these methods, and if you are stuck in your English studying you need to “crackdown” (I’ll also teach you this phrase in today’s lesson) and be your own English teacher.

Having an English teacher and watching English lessons, like mine (make sure to subscribe!) are very necessary to learn English. But today I will teach you new methods that will help you study natural English, the way that native English speakers talk, and think, and write, and listen. AND a benefit of all of the methods mentioned in today’s lesson for studying is that they are all free to use! How awesome is that! Make sure to comment on your favorite method for studying English, and what methods in this video were new to you!

Here are the resources mentioned in today’s lesson

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